Arists who are signed with Blunted Studios


Who's Blunted Studios?

Blunted Studios is a group of stand alone Hip-Hop content creators who've come together to create a Record Label with a brand new approach. We are constantly looking to promote and network with anyone who has a true passion for music and seeking to begin movement in their Hip-Hop career. Feel free to contact us via email if you are interested in collaborating, or have any questions.

What Does Blunted Studios Do?

We're dedicated to collaborating with local Canadian artists to promote their music. We're constantly networking to expand our reach and help connect other artists, so don't be afraid to contact us with an idea! We might just take you up on it.

How can I Contact Blunted Studios?

E-Mail is the easiest, simply contact [email protected] . Our response times vary but we usually reply within 24-48 hours

Is Blunted Studios Looking To Collab?

Always. We pride our selves in collaborating with other members of the music community, local or not we're constantly seeking to promote new talent. If you think you've got something unique that Blunted Studios can promote then just shoot us an E-Mail and we'll respond right back to you.